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Yue       Wu

吴       岳

1996  Born in Taizhou, China

2023  Master of Fine Art (DNSEP) - Ecole Supérieure d'Art et Design Le Havre-Rouen, France

Solo Exhibition

2019      艺魂(Nation Souls), Taizhou Museum, China

Select Group Exhibition

2024  The 7th Good! Art Fair in Shanghai, China
2023  Double and Duality in Gallery Numero 51 in Milan, Italy

2021.12  Paysage, Working in progress, Gallery La Forme, Le Havre, France

2021.6    LL, Espace Marc Sangnier, Rouen, France

2020.1   Tunnel,  Artetage Museum of Modern Art, Vladivostok, Russia

Public Collections/Commissions

2024   风巨人 (Air Giant I&II), public installation, Wu Zixiong Glass Art Museum in Taizhou, China

2022   画魂 (The Spirit), 中国国家博物馆 (National Museum of China),Beijing, China


2006   水晶之恋 : 吴刚、吴岳雕刻艺术作品集 (Crystal Love : Collection of Carving Sculptures by Gang Wu and Yue Wu),

            浙江 人民美术出版社 (Zhejiang People's Art Publishing House)

Self-edited photobook

2024  Giantbook

2024  Ever
2014  众生相 (Different apparences of people)

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